We make it easy to upload your image for printing.  If you like, we can also frame it.

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Digital images

Resolution quality from most digital cameras and phones can vary; for best results, take your photo at the highest setting.  If it is at a low setting, don't worry, we can run it through our resizing software to get the best possible image! We also check light levels to maximize the quality of the image. We will work our magic, but it has some limitations:  we can't fix blurr!  If you want touch-ups or other editing, please send a follow-up email outlining the details.

Scanned images

We work from digital files (jpeg).  If you are starting with a physical photograph or piece of art, scan at 300 dpi resolution for best results. If you don't have a scanner, take it to your local copy store and have it scanned, or if you are close by, bring it to our shop and we will scan it for you.  Then you can upload the image from your computer.