You know exactly what you want....just the frame, please!

You have the art at home and you will install it yourself but you need a frame.  We make it easy for you!

This lets you imagine what your art will look like as you try on different frames and mats to see what looks best. We will build the frame to your specifications, finished with flexible points so that you can easily install the art yourself.

If you want us to print your image as well, then click "My Images" and follow the instructions to upload your image for printing and design your custom framing.

How To Measure Your Art:

Two important things to know is size of the image and size of the paper.  A mat opening needs to cover some of the image and if there is a signature on the paper, you will want to include this extra space in your measuring.

If you are selecting matboard in your frame, measure the size of the image width x length - subtract 1/2" from both dimensions and enter this as your 'size' (example: image is 8"x10", enter 7.5"x9.5")

If there is a signature line and you want it to show, measure the size of the space around the image width x length and enter this as your 'size' (example: image is 8"x10", signature is .5" from edge of image add .5" all around, enter 9"x11")

If you do not want matboard and want the frame to be the same size as the paper, measure the papeer width x length and enter this as your 'size' (example: paper is 8.5"x11", enter 8.5"x11")

If your art is on a stretched canvas and you want a floater frame with a gap, measure the canvas and add 1/2" to both dimensions and enter this as your 'size' (example: canvas is 12"x16", enter 12.5"x16.5")

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